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Agust, el escondite foodie de Poble Sec by Un Buen Día en Barcelona
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Dinner at Agust Gastrobar Barcelona – Review ★★★★★ by Sam’s Travels & Food Reviews

If you happen to to visit Catalonia and fancy a little gastronomical break, I strongly recommend hitting the Agust Gastrobar Barcelona. Hands down one the best restaurants I have ever been to, if not the best ever.


Dinner at the Agust Gastrobar
Barcelona, Catalonia (Spain)
Overall rating : ★★★★★
Cuisine: International/Gastronomy
(Japan, China, Peru, Mexico, Spain, France)
35€~/person for 3 courses
(Excluding tip & beverages)
Hours: 7pm to 2am
(2pm to 2am on Saturday and Sunday)

The Agust Gastrobar Barcelona Setting ★★★★★
Conveniently located in El Raval (Central Barcelona), the restaurant is very tastefully decorated : the lighting, the beautiful flowers and plants, the wooden furniture… everything blends together perfectly to create a nice relaxing atmosphere.

The ground floor and the terrace are ideal to grab a drink and share a few appetisers, while the upper floor provides a bit more privacy and is thus more suited for a proper dinner with friends, or for a romantic date.

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The Starters ★★★★★
The restaurant encourages the guests to share several dishes together, in a similar fashion to a “tapas meal”. The more the merrier, as you’ll be able to try out several different dishes of various origins.

My favourite starters were the “Stuffed avocado canelloni” and the “Low temperature egg”. Both are refreshing, tasty and very original.

I was less enthusiastic about the “Duck foie gras”, but I always discourage people from choosing ordinary dishes when having dinner in a place such as the Agust Gastrobar. This might be because I am a bit blasé when it comes to foie gras, since it’s a common appetiser in France.

In conclusion, I recommend ordering one of each as the starters are the restaurant’s strongest points and are roughly the same size as the mains.

Agust-Gastrobar-Barcelona16-1024x768  Agust-Gastrobar-Barcelona17

Agust-Gastrobar-Barcelona18-1024x768  Agust-Gastrobar-Barcelona19-768x1024

1 : Low temperature egg with celery cream, clams and emulsion of kale / Oeuf à basse température avec crème de céleri, palourdes et emulsion de chou; 2 : “Causa limeña” with tuna, salmon and avocado tartare / au thon, saumon et avocat Duck foie gras terrine, cantaloup melón and bergamot gelée / Terrine de foie gras de canard, melon cantaloup melón et gelée de bergamotte
Avocado canelloni stuffed with prawns, saffron’s vinaigrette and pernot / Canelloni d’avocats farcis aux crevettes, vinaigrette de safran et pernod Dry aged beef carpaccio with parmesan cream and cockles / Carpaccio de boeuf à la crème de parmesan et coques

The Mains ★★★★★
With the notable exception of the rather large yet easily shareable “dry aged beef entrecote”, the mains are also small portioned dishes meant to be tried out by the whole dinner party.

My favourite mains were the “Chicken & Cream cannelloni” and the “Cartagena style octopus”. Everything was tasty, beautifully presented and despite the appearances, plentiful.

Agust-Gastrobar-Barcelona1-1024x768  Agust-Gastrobar-Barcelona2-1024x768

Agust-Gastrobar-Barcelona3-1024x768  Agust-Gastrobar-Barcelona-768x1024

Chicken and cream cannelloni / Cannelloni au poulet et à la crème Dry aged beef entrecote maturated 21 days, smoked with shoot vine and coffee Paris sauce and potato creamy / Entrecôte de boeuf maturée pedant 21 jours, fumée au sarment et à la sauce de café parisien, servie avec une purée de pommes de terre crémeuse
Cartagenera style octopus / Pieuvre façon carthagène Baby scallops with codium seaweed butter / Pétoncles au beurre d’algues (codium)

The Desserts ★★★★★
If you’re having dinner at the Agust Gastrobar, you MUST order the desserts. They are absolute works of arts and a pleasure for the senses, reminiscent of the Merrion Hotel’s afternoon ART tea in Dublin.

The highlight of the show is “The Cactus”, a mascarpone and white chocolate ganache stuffed with citrus and lime foam, served in a black chocolate and sesame crumble.

The second best dessert would be the “Tapioca pearls”, less impressive in appearance but with a unique subtle taste, highly recommended for gourmets.

Last but not least, the “Inca chocolate” and the “Crème brûlée” make for a perfect combination. The former is an adult’s/chocolate aficionados dessert (very bitter and served with an acid cocktail), while the latter is deliciously sweet.

Agust-Gastrobar-Barcelona9  Agust-Gastrobar-Barcelona10-1024x768  Agust-Gastrobar-Barcelona11-1024x768


Cactus, Mascarpone and white chocolate ganache stuffed with citrus and lime foam, served in a black chocolate and sesame crumble / Ganache au mascarpone et au chocolat blanc farcie aux agrumes et mousse de citron vert, servie dans un crumble de chocolat noir et sésame Tapioca Pearls, verbena, strawberry sorbet and coco foam / Perles de tapioca, verveine, sorbet à la fraise et mousse à la noix de coco The Inca chocolat with kikos, guava sorbet and pisco sour / Le chocolat Inca Péruvien avec kikos, guava et sorbet au pisco aigre Passion fruit crème brulée / Crème brûlée aux fruits de la passion

The Service ★★★★★
The staff is friendly, efficient and was extra patient despite our constant hesitation.

The chef, Hicham Houmidide, walks around the restaurant to make sure that everything goes well, both in the kitchens and on the restaurant floor. He’s a very good host and will happily explain his vision of “affordable gastronomy”, Agust Gastrobar’s leitmotiv.

Conclusion & Overall Mark ★★★★★
The Agust Gastrobar is a gourmet’s dream come true, a place where one can enjoy the best of international gastronomy without breaking the bank.

The setting is brilliant, the food is amazing and the service beyond reproach. A must-go for any respectable foodie, if you happen to be in Barcelona.
+: Amazing Starters & Desserts
+: Beautiful restaurant, relaxing atmosphere
+: Service beyond reproach
+: Excellent value for money

-: Busy at week-ends, booking recommended

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