Agust born from the reunion of
Jean Christophe and Hicham Houmidide

... And the idea of ​​creating a modern , inventive and international gastronomic environment.

After the experience in the world of highest restaurants, 2 French friends create Agust Gastrobar, a space that takes you on a sensory journey through his gastronomic offer.

From the chef Hicham, emerge the inspirations based on techniques and recipes from Peru, Japan, China, Mexico, Spain, France and other countries. Their values​​: the product in its minimal handling and the importance of their origin; collaboration with local producers and respect for the seasons.

Jean Christophe adds local good customer care and attention to every detail, all designed so that diners enjoy an intimate and welcoming environment.

Located a few meters from the emblematic Sant Antoni market (1882), Agust shares its space and features in a neighborhood known for its authenticity and cosmopolitan cuisine.