As the Catalan chef Carme Ruscalleda once said, “the history of gastronomy is the history of the world”. And in this corner of the beautiful city of Barcelona you feel that time has stopped and you are transported to flavours and aromas from beyond our borders.

Agust Barcelona offers a complete and fresh experience to enjoy international cuisine with flavours from other lands and other times. Its philosophy of fresh, km0 products highlights the work of our local producers in an exquisitely designed setting.

We reopen our doors to make lovers of good gastronomy fall in love again with an offer that is constantly evolving and is moulded with the freshest products of each season, thus offering an appetising gourmet menu and dishes of Mediterranean and Spanish cuisine, focusing on the quality of the product, the center of our entire offer.

The passion and dedication of Agust Barcelona has allowed us to establish ourselves as a gastronomic reference in Barcelona that you can’t miss.

La teraraza de Agust


Cartagena style grilled octopus

At Agust Barcelona, we work with local and seasonnal ingredients and local suppliers that mostly come from one of the best market of Barcelona, Sant Antoni market.

To prepare the dishes, our team is inspired by techniques and recipes of Peru, Japan, China, Mexico, Spain and of course France.

Each plate express his character there. It’s actually the case of our signature dessert, the “Cactus”, which is not only visually amazing but also is a trip of flavor and freshness.

Its cuisine is a bet for fresh products, and it is a good example of what you can wish to find in Parlament street: world cuisine and trendy places in an relaxed atmosphere.


At Agust Barcelona the essence and inspiration for quality and detail are found in every corner of this space of aromas and flavours from around the world. You will find all this in the heart of the most vibrant and lively area of a city that mixes modernity and tradition.

The space is divided by a mezzanine with wooden beams and velvety sofas. The cutlery and crockery have been carefully selected to match each of the dishes, taking care of every little detail that can be found in Agust Barcelona.

All this would not be possible without the passion and technique of each of the people who work on this project. The harmony of these forces makes Agust Barcelona an authentic and unique place of reference in Barcelona.

The Agust Barcelona Cactus