Agust GastroBar

Agust Gastrobar reopens its doors

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic which began almost two years ago, we were forced to close the doors of Agust GastroBar. As a result, we lost a gastronomic reference place that brought together all the people who were looking for unique aromas and flavours.

After a great effort to get through this tough time, Agust GastroBar in Carrer del Parliament 54, in the San Antoni district, is reopening its doors. This lively and international area of Barcelona symbolises our concept perfectly.

Agust GastroBar is a unique place that combines and mixes Mediterranean cuisine with aromas and flavours from the gastronomy of countries that we now see so far away, but we really hope to visit them again to seek new inspirations to continue creating.

The Agust GastroBar concept

The concept of fresh fusion food with maximum attention to detail has always been something we have defended at Agust GastroBar:

– Firstly, all the products we work with are from kilometre zero. This means that the products have been produced less than 100 kilometres away from Agust Gastrobar. In this way, emissions related to the transport of goods are reduced and we contribute to preserving the planet and by encouraging the local economy. Only with fresh and high-quality products can we create first class dishes, which will make the most demanding palates live an authentic gastronomic experience.

– On the other hand, the concept of Agust GastroBar is to create new flavours by mixing Mediterranean and international cuisine. For example, we find cuisine from Spain, France, Peru, Mexico, Thailand, Korea, China, Japan, among others. Thanks to this culinary fusion, at Agust GastroBar we have created new gastronomic concepts.

– Finally, the key element for a truly unique experience is the attention to detail and service. All the dishes have been designed and prepared with great care and attention. Their unique and exclusive presentation allows the experience to begin as soon as you see the dishes. On the other hand, the service offered by our staff is completely personalised. As a result, this warm and informal atmosphere meets the expectations of everyone who visits us. Diners will find in Agust all the necessary elements for a unique evening.

What is a GastroBar

A GastroBar is an establishment that combines elements of haute cuisine and traditional bars. These places were born in the UK thanks to the fusion of haute cuisine and popular pubs. The aim of this fusion is to create more detailed meals at more accessible prices. This way, top quality dishes and drinks are served combined with food portions being served quickly.

Why Agust GastroBar

Agust GastroBar presents a culinary proposal of haute cuisine dishes at reasonable prices. Our characteristic is to offer creative and innovative dishes in tapas format, so the service can be fast and efficient. Each type of plating contains a myriad of details. Our passion and dedication at Agust GastroBar have allowed us to consolidate our position as a gastronomic reference in Barcelona.

We are waiting for you in our restaurant to enjoy an authentic and delicious gastronomic experience.